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What are the Major subject in Hotel Management?

There are four Major department in Hotel Management like Front office department, Food & beverage service, Housekeeping & Food Production department. Although these are some subjects which are taught to the students like basic computer knowledge, English speaking and personality development Etc.

Which is the course best for hotel management?

It depends on what kind of subjects he/she loves to, or is passionate about. Hotel management comprises of four core subjects :- Food production – it’s related to kitchen. It has cooking, cold section, bakery, ice carving, cheese carving, cheese processing etc. Food and beverage service – This subject includes service of food and beverages, […]

Any entrance exam necessary for hotel management?

It is not always necessary to give Hotel management entrance exam to get a good Hotel management college for doing their course and make their career. Hotel management is one of the great and emerging careers to start with for the young generation. Hotel management courses cover everything from housekeeping to finance and facility maintenance. […]

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