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Will hotel management be a success full career in India?

Now a day’s young generation is looking for the most lucrative and highly paid careers like Medical and Engineering etc. Students generally get confuse in making up their mind for a specific course. Hotel management is a cardinal part of hospitality industry and it has wide employment opportunities. Government encouragement in development of tourism sector […]

Can we join hotel management after 10?

You can do a hotel management program after 10th but it would be a diploma or a certificate course, as the bachelors degree requires a 12th pass. You need to decide what department you want to go in, if its guest interaction i.e Room division, F&B Service or Front Office then degree but if you […]

Is hotel management a good course in India?

Yes , indeed. People choose hotel management because Hospitality is a great starting point for every young person. It teaches them customer service which is the basis of nearly every role they are ever going to perform. Having great customer services kills will carry them throughout life; it can open up many more opportunities for […]

Is hotel management and hospitality management same?

No they do not mean the same. However, they are related to some extent. Both the concepts talk about managing people or rather taking care of them when the arrive at a particular business point. Hotel management is focused on managing all aspects related to the functioning of a hotel. From the time a guest […]

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