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Is hotel management and hospitality management same?

No they do not mean the same. However, they are related to some extent. Both the concepts talk about managing people or rather taking care of them when the arrive at a particular business point. Hotel management is focused on managing all aspects related to the functioning of a hotel. From the time a guest […]

Hotel Management Courses: Careers, Colleges, Jobs & Salary

Hotel Management is an area of study that covers a wide range of topics concerned with the operational aspects of hoteliery. Educational courses in hotel management are varied and cover topics as wide ranging as marketing, eco-tourism, leisure, business administration and management. It is the job of the Hotel Manager to coordinate the many operational […]

Hotel Management Future in India

There is a lot of scope of hotel management in India if done from a reputed institution. Hotel industry is on a high demand and has a wide employment opportunities. The Hospitality Industry is the second largest in the world. Hotel Management is an upcoming global industry & has a multi-focused approach. It is flourishing […]

How to join hotel management course

A lot of institutes will have different subjects to offer. You need to understand first that what do you want to do The Hospitality / Hotel Business or the Business of Hospitality / Hotel. Admission:¬†Modes of admission to the course may vary across institutes, with some institutes in the country having entrance tests and rounds […]

Hospitality management courses in Delhi, hospitality management salary

Hospitality management¬†is the management of hotels, bed and breakfasts, resorts, cruise ships and other hospitality services. It involves overseeing the operations as well as attending to guest needs. The term Hospitality Management refers to a range of occupations and professional practices associated with the administration of hotels and related one. It is a service industry […]

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