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Hotel Management is a Good Course for Career

Well let’s take some points for Hotel management here: Firstly, hotel management is not a course it is a career. If you are passionate about cooking and learning about food and beverages you should surely opt for hotel management as a career. Hotel industry is a glamorous industry and Remember you are there in hotel […]

Job opportunities in Office Management course

Office Management is responsible for developing and implementing new administration systems, such as record management, and for reviewing and updating health and safety policies. He or she is likely to have a team of staff. They often manage, for example, the reception area, mail room and security personnel. Their role includes recruitment, training and induction […]

What are the components of a salary

Any salary slip has two major components: earnings/incomes and deductions. Earnings/Incomes The earnings or incomes record the salary being earned and any other allowances, bonuses or gains that form an employees income. Few major components of incomes or earnings are: Basic Salary; forms the most essential component, making up 35-40% of your entire salary. And, […]

Career in Hotel Management

Hotel Management is a good course. Many opportunities are available in this course like food production, travel agency & tourism, food and beverages services, etc. You have endless option available to you; you can get a job in Cruise Lines, Hotels etc. Also, you can start your own venture like Pizza Hut, Domino’s etc. Hotel […]

Hope Institute of Hospitality Management

Hope Institute of Hospitality Management is a leading Educational Institute in India. From last 13 years we are focused on providing quality & JOB Oriented programs to the students in the Hospitality sector and to place them throughout the Nation & Worldwide. We trust on our work we believe on results. BENEFIT TO JOIN Join us […]

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