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Which is the best hotel management institute in India ?

The field of hotel management is gaining popularity year after year. As the hospitality sector is booming, there is a constant need of skilled professionals in the field of hotel management. If you see yourself possessing the following skills, you can surely consider a career in hotel management: Ability to manage things/ events Good communication […]

What is the scope of hotel management in India?

Hotel and hospitality sector is an industry that has seen an immense boom in past few years in India. Though it is a very popular and money making industry in the West but India was not exposed to this industry well before the last decade. But from past years this industry has been growing each […]

Is there any entrance exam for hotel management?

Hotel Management is an upcoming global industry & has a multi-focused approach. It is flourishing in big as well as small cities. It prepares students to work at the hotels, resorts, cruise liners, aviation and casinos. At hotels, hotel management graduates may engage in managing functions such as housekeeping, front office, food production and administration. […]

Is hotel management a tough job?

No course is tough or easy. what makes a course tough or easy is only your thought process. If you have interest in that subject it becomes eraser for you. If you want to know more and more about that subject. So, do not make assumptions or make any perception on others opinion. Always remember….!!!!! […]

Will hotel management be a success full career in India?

Now a day’s young generation is looking for the most lucrative and highly paid careers like Medical and Engineering etc. Students generally get confuse in making up their mind for a specific course. Hotel management is a cardinal part of hospitality industry and it has wide employment opportunities. Government encouragement in development of tourism sector […]

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