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What is housekeeping role in hotel?

Housekeeping being of one favorite departments of the hotel industry. The word Housekeeping is a combination of two words i.e house and keeping which means keeper of the house. This department is responsible for the care and maintenance of the hotel and its overall appearance. The main aim of this department is to provide the […]

What kind of questions are asked in a hotel interview?

Customer service skills are vital to hotel employees. While interviewers look for skilled workers to fill specific jobs, they often are more interested in how you interact with people, handle stress and solve problems. Questions are designed to give you opportunities to highlight those attributes. At the end of the interview, you’ll be given the […]

Why is hotel management a good course for career?

Yes it is worth in every way. Hotel Management is not just about food production. Hotel Management also includes Front office, food and beverage service and other ancillary departments. In the initial days of your graduation you will hear everyone saying that they want to be a chef but it is literally tough to be […]

Why is a diploma in hotel management good for students?

Learning a hotel management course is a smart thought. In the wake of finishing the course, you should pick on what branch you need to go for. There are 4 noteworthy divisions in hotel industry. They are… Front Office House Keeping Production Food & Beverage Management Hope Institute of Hospitality Management is one of the best […]

Why is a diploma in hotel management good for students?

HOTEL MANAGEMENT COURSE DETAILS: One of the critical results of globalization is the huge development in the travel industry and neighborliness industry. With India being a standout among-st the most famous travel goals, the administration also is empowering and putting resources into the improvement of these businesses. The hotel business is a pivotal piece of […]

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