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Hotel Industry is Related to Tourism Sector

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Hotel Industry is Related to Tourism Sector

Hotel Industry is Related to Tourism Sector

Hotel Industry is Related to Tourism Sector/ Industry

Tourism is a significant contributor for hotel or hospitality industry. Individuals for the most part travel for work or recreation. So business hotels in big cities for the most part depends on individuals who travel for work reason. Though hotels in every other spot by and large depends on the visitors for their business.

This likewise makes hotel industry occasional in nature and that is the reason their rates will likewise shift as per seasons. As should be obvious the hotel rates ordinarily peaks during the traveler season and frequently tumble down during the non-top season. This stands valid for hotels in vacationer puts however not for hotels in Metros or other big cities.

The above facts can likewise be corroborated with certain information. According to world travel and tourism council, the tourism sector is anticipated to develop at an annual rate of 6.8%, where as the hospitality industry is developing at a rate of 14% since last few years. This implies the development of tourism in India has a multiplying effects on the development of hospitality industry.

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