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Tag: Short Term Diploma in Hotel Management Course in Delhi

Advantages of Hotel Management

Advantages: Hotel management is directly linked to tourism. And with tourism comes the opportunity to move to places which is one of the main advantages of building a career in hotel management course. You will never be a victim of political or economic crisis as you will always have the opportunity to migrate to other […]

What are the best hotel management colleges in delhi?

There are many institutes out of which HOPE INSTITUTE is the best because of its strategic location (Laxmi Nagar) which is hub of professional study at the same time institute has many courses of HOTEL MANAGEMENT AND OFFICE  MANAGEMENT as per the requirement of students. It has short term courses, 6 months and 1 year. […]

Career in Hotel Management

Hotel managers Are responsible for the efficient and profitable operation of their establishments. Controls all financial aspects. Assistant managers Oversee the day-to-day operations of their departments. Resident managers (in large hotels) resolve problems or emergencies round the clockUnder the supervision and guidance of the top management. Front office manager Oversees the work of receptionists, information […]

What after Hotel Management Course?

According to the industry estimates and official data, there is a growing demand of skilled professionals in the Hospitality and Tourism sector of India. After completing their undergraduate degree course in Hotel Management, can also pursue their further study and make a career in Academics. For a Hotel Management professional, the option of starting own […]

What is hotel management?

“ Hotel Management is an area of interest which covers all operational aspects related to the hotel industry and food service industry such as hotels, restaurants, cafes’, and various other food service operations” Hotel Management does not only deal with cooking and not all Hotel Management graduates are all Chefs. There are four major departments […]

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