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What is hotel management?

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Hotel Management is an area of interest which covers all operational aspects related to the hotel industry and food service industry such as hotels, restaurants, cafes’, and various other food service operations

Hotel Management does not only deal with cooking and not all Hotel Management graduates are all Chefs. There are four major departments in a hotel –

  • Food Production ( deals with cooking different cuisines )
  • Food & Beverage Service ( deals with food service)
  • Front Office
  • Housekeeping

Front Office deals with Guest Satisfaction, maintenance of room inventory, generating and maintenance of guest records which includes financial reports.

Housekeeping deals with the cleanliness of guest rooms and hotel surroundings. It maintains the aesthetic appeal of the hotel.

Hotels is not the only forte of Hotel Management. It is a part of a broader division which is the Hospitality and Tourism sector. This includes the airline industry, cruise liners, resorts, chain restaurants and anything related to tourism. But mind it, this industry has long working hours and you’ll be busy on weekends when your friends are free. You should be ready to sacrifice your social life.

Hospitality industry has many sectors and it’s a fast growing industry which helps create many jobs and since it deals with tourism, it helps attract tourists and increase the country’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product).

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