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Food and Beverage Outlets

Food and Beverage Outlets F&B Service outlets are the area in a Hotel where food and beverage are sold to both in-house Guest and outside Guest. There are different types if F&B Outlet which are as under- Speciality restaurants These restaurants serve or deal in a particular type of cuisine like Italian, Mexican and Chinese […]

What is housekeeping department?

The housekeeping department in a hotel is responsible for the cleanliness, maintenance & aesthetic upkeep of hotel. the housekeeping department takes pride in keeping the hotel clean & comfortable.

What is Food Production department?

The food production department of a hotel is among one of the major departments of the hotel. The role of the kitchen department is to prepare food for the guest. The guest who are staying on the hotel rooms & also for those who are walk guests and comes to the restaurants and banquet to […]

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