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Food and Beverage Outlets

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food and beverage outlets

Food and Beverage Outlets

F&B Service outlets are the area in a Hotel where food and beverage are sold to both in-house Guest and outside Guest. There are different types if F&B Outlet which are as under-

Speciality restaurants

These restaurants serve or deal in a particular type of cuisine like Italian, Mexican and Chinese etc. The décor, atmosphere, theme are all typical of the cuisine and the country from where it originates. These restaurants may be attached to hotels or may be of stand-alone. The service is usually exclusive silver service and the average cost of dishes is high. The hours of operations are specific and usually such restaurants are open only for lunch and dinner.

Multicuisine restaurants

These restaurants serve or deal with more than one cuisine and in smaller hotels they often act as the coffee shop also. They are not as exclusive as speciality restaurants, hence they are not as highly priced than the speciality restaurant. Most often they open for breakfast and remain open till dinner.


These are food and beverage service outlets which sales alcoholic beverages. They require special permits and their operation is governed by the state law. They may be attached to hotels or independent outlets. The menu has a large variety of alcoholic beverages like spirits, wine,beer and cocktails which are supplemented with some non alcoholic beverages like juices, soft drinks, soda waters and also some cocktail snacks.


Derived from the English word public house, they most often are places frequented by youngsters. Pubs offer a wide variety of beers, limited cocktails and liquor.

Room service

Room service is the food and beverage service outlet in hotels, which provides the facility of serving the guest food and beverage in his room. Service is done on trays or trolleys. In a large hotel, room service is usually extensive and found round the clock. The cost of food in room service is higher and time for service is longer. However it is very useful for long stay, elderly and sick guests who do not wish to go down to the restaurant for having their meal.


Another food and beverage area mostly attached to hotels, these are large halls or spaces suited to cater to large gathering of guests for social or official purposes. Conferences, meeting, seminars, birthday party, marriages etc are all taken up in banqueting area. A banquet usually caters to large gathering of people within a limited period of time. A banquet is one of the largest revenue earning section among the food and beverage outlets.


Coffee shop

This is a concept borrowed from the United States. It offers guests an outlet to grab a quick meal at affordable prices. The decor is informal and brightly lit. Coffee shops are most often open 24 hrs and the type of service is preplated. Coffee shops have an extensive beverage menu both hot and cold. In larger hotels it is another 24-hour outlet besides room service. Most often coffee shop prices are the least among restaurants in a hotel.


These are food and beverage service outlets found in hotels, hospitals and industrial houses where the staff of the organization are provided food and beverage. They open for limited time during each mealtime. Cafeteria’s usually have counter service. The employees buy coupons/token in advance and are provided wholesome, simple food at subsidised rates in the cafeteria. Most often they have comfortable seating bright light and channel music. The guests are dispensed food from counters where it is displayed. The menu is usually cyclic in nature.

Vending machines

These are independent units, which may be placed at airports, railway stations, offices, cafeteria, hotel lounges, poolside etc. They dispense a metered quantity of beverage or a packed unit of food in exchange for a token or a currency. This makes service fast, hygienic, cheap and standardized.


This is another type of a restaurant, which specializes, in grilled food. The restaurant is separated from the kitchen by glass partition. The guest can choose his meat to be grilled and watch his food being cooked before it is served to him. This increases eye appeal and provides higher levels of guest satisfaction. Service is mostly preplated or silver service. Grill rooms are usually expensive outlets.


Normally attached to hotels, nightclubs are outlets open only for members, their bonafide guests and for room guests. Night clubs are open for a limited period usually from evening till late night. A dance floor, live music and dance are usually associated with a nightclub. They require special government permit .The menu is extensive especially the beverages, snacks and cocktail snacks menu.

Permit room

These are beverage outlets attached to hotels in states or regions, which do not allow consumption or sale of alcohol. This is the only area in the hotel allowed to sell alcohol. Special permission has to be sought for a permit room. Alcohol cannot be dispensed in any other area of the hotel in such cases.

Coffee bar

A comparatively new concept, it has become popular with the youth. The coffee bar dispenses a variety of coffee both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Alcoholic coffee are also known as “LACED COFFEE”. Light snacks may also be available. Channel music, bright lighting and trendy settings are usually a feature. Most often these are independent outlets though some smaller hotels may have attached coffee bars.

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