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The role of an Human Resources department in a company

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Human Resources Management

The HR department is the most important part of every organization and responsible for so many things such as hire right persons, management of sources, make discipline in the organization. The major role of HR in an organization.

  1. Hire the right person at the right job it includes the understand how the candidate’s aspiration fits with the job, pay attention to the questions they ask.
  2. Build a good environment in the organization. Good communication between a boss and employees is essential for a positive working relationship.
  3. HR responsibility that knows about their employees, on an individual level and asks employees for their opinions.
  4. Development and training both are an essential part of an organization. Training means giving new employees extensive orientation training to help them transition into a new organizational culture many HR departments also provide leadership training and professional development to the new employees. Leadership training may be required for newly hired employees.
  5. Maintain discipline in the organization. Indiscipline the things come like remove distraction, make the rule clear for the employee, proper communication with employees.
  6. Employee handling and record-keeping.
  7. Post jobs at the right place to get the right candidates like LinkedIn, facebook, twitter.
  8. Focuses on recruitment, management and provides the right direction for employees who work in your organization.


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