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What are the duties and responsibilities of Human Resources department

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What are the duties and responsibilities of Human Resources department

What are the duties and responsibilities of Human Resources department

Any organization, in any sector, is made up of People and that’s what the Human Resources department manages.

Now, an essential thing with People, is that they might have different cognitive processes which gives them their personalities and makes them unique from one another but there are a number of things which are applicable to any Human Being. Take, for instance, the notion of Job Satisfaction (since, we are talking about HR). Everyone wants it and craves for it, irrespective of the sector.

So, the below duties and responsibilities of an HR Personnel remains, pretty much, the same across industries.

  • RecruitmentHR tries to understand if a particular person is fit for a particular role and if the person will actually do the job well. It also checks for the foresight of the person and, thus, looks to hire people who look to spend more time with the organization.
  • Training – HR team ensures that the employees build the necessary skill sets which an employee might need to do their job well which eventually leads them to bigger roles in the future.
  • Engagement – HR is there to understand the emotional needs of a person. They organize various events and activities for the employees to get a break-while-on-work and helps build relationships between people. They also try and understand the concerns of the employees and address them. Anything which eliminates factors which bog you down from putting in the most in your work and anything which helps you boost your morale to perform better than your current performance can be put here.
  • Performance appraisal – HR takes a stock of your performance at regular time intervals. This is done to understand the magnitude of contribution by employees and also helps evaluate the steps which can be taken to improve performance.
  • Exit – Employees come and employees go. HR takes care of the ones going. They try to understand the reason for a particular employee leaving the organization which only helps them make the organization a better place for the other employees. The other exit formalities are merely transaction.
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