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We Should study after hotel management for further growth?

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With regards to studying further, many are confounded about which course to pick. Most students believe that advanced education is a briefest course to a Managerial position in a Hotel. As a general rule, it isn’t so. I generally reveal to them that work experience matters. However, many decide for studying further. Most students select studying Masters in Hospitality Management, Masters in Tourism or MBA in Hotel Management in India or abroad.

The situation prospects are restricted for such courses. Hotels search for individuals with operational experience having the correct ranges of abilities. Just by having MBA in Hotel Management, Hotels can’t utilize legitimately into the administrative position. So the inquiry is which course they have to seek after.

As I would like to think the perfect course for a Hotel Management Graduate will be a General full time MBA specialization in either Marketing, Finance, Systems or Human Resources. I have run over a large number of my students who have done General MBA and have been fruitful in their vocations. General MBA opens up opportunity in all parts of business. With a foundation of Hotel Management, it is anything but difficult to verify placements in the services segment. However, it is required for students to show up for MBA entrance examination like the CAT, MAT and so on. Verifying great score in these entrance examinations will help in verifying admission in a reputed business school.


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